Ann Mari Sjögren, artist and painter. Fairy paintings by Ann Mari Sjögren Ann Mari Sjögren at work in her studio.

Fairy paintings by Ann Mari Sjögren

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Xmas 2007

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Fairy paintings by Ann Mari Sjögren.
A brief resumé of the art work of Ann Mari from Sweden
Gumma (Old Lady)
A Self Portrait painted in June 2002A self portrait

Born in 1918, Ann Mari Sjögren, was raised in Nyhamnsläge, a small Swedish fishing community. Her father was a saddler but also worked as an upholsterer, he also owned the only taxi-cab in the village.

Ann Mari was the younger of two sisters. Her artistic heritage can be traced to her mother who was very conscious of colours, and her father who, in later years spent his time carving figures in wood.

Cover of the book Wedding Bells in FairylandAnn Mari painted fairies for as long as she can remember. Every piece of paper that she found became a little work of art, the margins in her mothers cookery-books were fully drawn with fancy ladies in elegant hats and so on.

"The future? Ha, there is none! It's behind me", said Ann Mari with a deprecating wave of the arm. "But nevertheless, I am happy as long as I can do the things I love to do. That is what makes the day worth living, and that is what enriches my life.

Painting this picture for Myrea below reinspired 93 year old Ann Mari. Per Arne just called Ann Mari and told her that the painting had arrived on time, and also tried to describe Myrea's reaction. She was rather amused to hear that her painting is now on Internet for everyone to see. In fact, I think Myreas birthday picture got her going! She asked about ink pencils...and water colour paper, and said she is now working on a pink princess for her niece's daughter.

2010 Update

A-Mgift-to-Myrea-2010red Painted by Ann Mari for the 10th Feb 2010 fortieth birthday of Myrea Pettit (

"As I heard about Myrea's coming birthday, I began to think about a possible picture to send her. I made several sketches, and at last I was satisfied with this idea: A Fairy from the old book the one with a roll of material-together with a contemporary- but aged Fairy-I thought this picture showing young and old would be an appropriate thing to make for Myrea. Only I was afraid I would not manage, because you know I really don't draw or paint now anymore. I started out, struggling with the pencil, first making the drawing. Then I wanted to paint it with water colour. I put it on very lightly, because I was afraid of dropping the brush, or splashing over the picture. Even though it is not quite finished, you can't believe how happy and proud I was when I succeeded! I haven't painted or drawn this much for ages! So please help me Per Arne to send this to Myrea, wishing her Happy Birthday from the depth of my heart!" Ann Mari x

(Sent from Sweden by Per Arne on behalf of 93 year old Ann Mari Sjogren, without doubt the oldest living published Fairy Artist in the World. (see A Day in Fairyland (1947)

From Myrea to Ann Mari 10th February 2010

You cannot believe how honoured and overwhelmed I was today when the postman delivered the envelope containing this original painting from Ann Mari in Sweden (thank you Per Arne for your help and a BIG THANK YOU to Ann Mari).
Ann Mari has inspired my fairy art since I saw her book as a little girl, that I have enjoyed the last eight years knowing her and learning too with her, it has been a great privilege and my fairytale come true. Such fairy friendship is utterly inspirational and heartwarming, I love her so much. xx Myrea xx

July 2010

Swedish artist Ann Mari Sjögren passed away peacefully early on Sunday 11 July 2010, her legacy to thousands of families and friends worldwide who spent a Day in Fairyland with her, and will continue to do so.

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